About Peak

The Peak Project is a book programme that provides access to a community of readers and creates a channel for dialogue.

Specifically designed for inclusivity, development, fostering innovation and collaborative strength, and social responsibility.

Cultural Transformation
The peak project creates opportunities for everyone to increase their cultural competency and learning through reading. These book experiences are rooted in organic connection and deepen ones understanding of the world.

We want to build a global community that is genuinely interested in learning about other cultures and serving as agents of change in their neighborhoods and communities, and workplaces.

The peak project is a thought leader on diversity and inclusion, uniquely leveraging reading as a connection for understanding. Our creative approaches to engagement get the message of diversity out to the broadest range of audiences.

Social Impact

The peak project aims to make a global impact by investing in the power of literacy, diversity, and inclusion at scale. We hope to increase awareness around the beauty of connection through sharing stories.

Environmental Sustainability

We encourage a sustainable mindset within our community with options to recycle books and community donation programs for local schools.